Monday, May 31, 2010

Urikaruus ... final day

So back at camp I return to some of my smaller friends again to wrap up our stay at this charming little bush camp. First up my old friend the lady of the lodge, the garden orb web spider. She was still around and there were some interesting developments at the web! At first I did not notice them and was simply busy trying to get some different angles and views of this beautiful spider.
Then I spotted it ... a male had come a-courting! This little fellow was so tiny by comparrison that at first I simply did not see him. Can you?
Well here's an even closer view. Click the image to see it even larger.
Anyway let's move on from my spider fetish for now :-)
Whilst strolling around the camp trying to not get bitten by the very aggressive ants that were everywhere; and it stings when they nip you! I spotted this very well camouflaged grashopper.

Almost impossible to see against the desert sand unless it moves. A little later in the day I saw this somewhat larger member of his greater family.

Much to my daughters dismay it seemed to be heading directly into their chalet via one of the veranda support posts! Due to the cryptic colouring of these hoppers even my camera's auto focus was battling to pick them up nicely!

From time to time I had seen some bright green metallic coloured flies of some sort, but they were flying around so fast and never sitting still long enough for me to get a decent shot that I thought I'd never get something usable. Eventually one of them managed to get itself trapped inside our chalet against the window. It was still quite a challenge to get a photo of it as it simply would not sit still long enough! So after many attempts I managed to get this one which I was quite please with. In fact it won me a second prize in the macro section of the Captured Experiences competition web site.

So here it is ... what do you think?

I was amazed at the colours when I downloaded this image and took a closer look. Can you see the shimmering blue dots on it's back too? Oh, apparently this is a cukoo wasp.

To wrap this post up and our visit to Urikaruus here's my final parting shot :-) another cryptically coloured little grasshopper:
that's all for today.

all the best

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